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We all want this no matter what our budget is! At Big Boots Productions we work hard to bring our clients the highest quality of product and customer service possible. We also pride ourselves on offering the very best value to fit your company’s unique needs and budget…but everyone still needs to get paid right?


It may sound crazy…but a single video will often cost more (per unit) than producing multiple videos. How is this possible? Well, when you decide to shoot a video we book our producers, directors, camera operators, actors etc etc. for a whole day. You pay for that whole day whether you shoot one video or five. So it makes sense to plan ahead for your company’s needs. A little extra pre-production time translates to a lot of savings overall.

Now this approach won’t work for every project…but speak to our video experts to see if we can save you and your company money! We look forward to customizing your next video project.

Big Boots Productions is a full-service Video Production. With Pre-Production, Production and Post Production expertise, we are happy to meet the Corporate Video Production needs of our clients from concept to completion. 

Whether you require only one of our services or all of our services, the team at Big Boots Productions is committed to providing you with the highest level of service and best possible solutions to your video production needs. 



  • Creating concepts for your Corporate Video to suit your company’s unique needs and budget

  • Shoot planning and scheduling

  • Copy Writing 

  • Scripting

  • Location scouting

  • Staging

  • Talent Casting

Video Production 

  • Camera Operation

  • Green Screen Production

  • Producing

  • Field - Producing

  • Directing

  • Actors

  • Hair/make-up

  • Craft Services


  • Video Editing 

  • Story Producing 

  • Producing 

  • Music

  • Transcription Services 

  • Voice - Over Talent 

  • Video Conversion

  • French Versioning


Testimonial Videos

  • Nothing elevates the credibility of a business more than testimonials from satisfied customers. Testimonial videos pack a big punch on your company website and on all social media platforms!

Promotional Videos

  • Whether it’s a product or service, we all have something to sell and we all have a target audience. You’ll need to communicate to them what sets your product or service above the rest…and nothing does this like video!

French Versioning

  • We are proudly Canadian! And being a part of this great bi-lingual country means we often need to produce French versions of our videos for larger companies with locations in French Canada.

  • Our French Versioning team consists of an incredible French language producer and translation expert. As well as a team of fantastic French Canadian voice-over actors to ensure your video is the highest quality possible.

  • We offer French VO dubbing services as well as sub-titling services. 

Corporate Training Video

  • Train your staff easily and effectively with creative and engaging videos.

  • Interested in the Micro-Learning approach? Get your staff and management on track with a series of short training videos that are easy to consume and absorb!

Product Knowledge Videos

  • You can’t sell it if you don’t know it right? Whether you’re a manufacturer or a retailer, you need the people selling your product to know it best! 

  • Consider a series of ongoing e-learning videos to communicate the value, quality and unique features and benefits of your products to drive your sales! (You’ll thank us later)

Internal Communications Videos

  • Need to deliver a message to your team or teams across the country? Consider personalizing your message with video.

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